"CYCLE OF THE SHROOM" is a cyberpunk inspired art project, started in 2021 by freelance designer & digital artist Stefan Große Halbuer, and supported by storyteller and writer Richard Galbraith.

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Stefan Große Halbuer
Art & Concept
Stefan is a graphic designer and digital artist from Münster, Germany. He's been working as a freelancer for international corporations, NGOs and magazines as well as for musicians and startups, for almost 10 years. CYCLE OF THE SHROOM is Stefan's new baby in the NFT world, showing his love for everything around cyberpunk culture!

Richard Galbraith
Storytelling & Writing
Galbraith's a cyberpunk / sci-fi / neo-noir writer with a penchant for collaboration. Originally from Manchester, UK, he's done the rounds across the globe writing and working as a social media strategist for some of the world's biggest brands. A cyberpunk at heart with a psychedelic vision, he's a perfect fit to help bring the CYCLE OF THE SHROOM world to life with his writing.

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